Get complete control over the design and development of your Prototype in a short matter of time. A first version could be yours with all the required specs, in just few weeks

  • Production and certification procedure of the prototype
  • Contribution to any stage of product development
  • From functional prototype to a pre-production version

Design Process

  • We take over the product design and we suggest different version according to practical implementation
  • We contribute at any stage
  • We produce a preliminary product sample design
  • Custom Sensory Systems (Design and Prototype custom sensory solutions)
  • PCB Hardware Design (Schematics & PCB Layout)

Product Development

  • Product Prototypes and Proof of Concepts
  • Pre-production Version Prototypes
  • Hardware Prototypes (Casing, Cabling, and Assembly)
  • Embedded Software (Firmware and Embedded Linux Projects)
  • Embedded Software Unit Tests (Testing Software)
  • Custom Electromechanical implementations (Connectors, Interfaces, Tooling, 3D printed parts)
  • Custom Sensory Systems & Sensor signal conditioning


  • From functional prototype to the pre-production stage
  • Hardware Design Analysis and Concepts
  • Embedded Software Projects
  • Market Analysis and Technology Review
  • BOM (Bill of Materials) management and Project Budgeting
  • Proof of concept Prototype, Functional Prototypes, Preproduction Version of product.
  • Product Certification Analysis and Consulting
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